Q - "I've bought picks from other cappers in the past who I lost money with, what makes you guys different?"

A - The short answer is, unlike those other services we care about your success in sports betting. Every day we search to find 3 to 5 quality picks per night with value odds typically ranging between -130 and +130. A lot of these other guys send out heavy favorites with no value just to say they're winning bets.

Another big problem about these other services is bad bankroll management advice or lack thereof. Overcommitting too much of your bankroll on an given bet is a recipe for losing all your money. Some guys advocate betting 10%+ per bet to inflate their results when they have good runs, but in reality loses all their clients money if followed. The flip side is services who offer no bankroll guidelines which can also be very dangerous. Most amateur sports bettors don't know how to manage their sports betting capital and is why a vast majority lose their money to the books.

We offer bankroll management guidelines whenever we send out picks and are always happy to help clients with effectively allocate theirs. 

Q - “What is your unit system?”

A - 1 Unit is supposed to be 2% of your bankroll. All bets are units to wager with the BIG4 locks being 1.5 units and the straight picks all being 1 unit. This is an ideal amount to both grow your bankroll long term while protecting your money from cold streaks.


Q - "How do I get the picks?"

A - All plays are sent to your e-mail that you provide us when you purchase a package and are send at least 30 minutes before the start of the first game.


Q - "Are plays sent out every day?" 

A - Yes we make our picks and send them out every day of the year when there are enough games of value on the board.


Q - "How much betting experience do I need to use this service?"

A - You can be an complete beginner to a long time bettor it doesn't matter. If you are a beginner with little to no experience we are here to help you better understand what we do and how our system works. 


Q - "Are picks guaranteed to win?"

A - In the world of sports betting nothing is certain and no guarantees can be made. But with our system we will put you in the best position to win over time. 


If you have any more questions feel free to DM us on Instagram or contact us through the website. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!