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Why BIG4 Investments?

BIG4 Investments in a complete handicapping service grounded in analytic models and systems designed to outperform Vegas' odds. Recognizing the considerable time investment necessitated by thorough analysis of lines, statistics, and teams to profit in sports betting, we leverage our extensive experience to bridge this gap for our clients. Specializing in the major North American sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAA, we meticulously identify games and lines offering optimal value to enhance our clients' chances of success. Embracing an investment-oriented approach to sports betting our goal is to guide our clients toward the elusive 1-3% of long-term profitable sports bettors.

About BIG4 Investments

BIG4 Investments is a distinguished sports handicapper committed to delivering winning results to clients in a losing industry. Established in Toronto, Canada, our team boasts expertise in statistics, finance, psychology, and an unwavering passion for sports. Leveraging these skills alongside extensive experience in sports betting and a disciplined investing approach, we have provided professional consulting to dozens of successful clients. Maintaining a commendable win rate of 55%, our wagers typically involve odds between -130 and +130, with an average of +105, ensuring sustained profitability over time. Our overarching objective is to help average sports bettors transform their gambling into investing.